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Sport Salmon Options

2017 Sport Salmon Season Options:
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The final 2017 salmon options for the upcoming season have been released. There have been changes in the past few days and the reason for the update to this story. For sport anglers they range from good (greater Bay Area) to Bad (Monterey bay) to Ugly (Eureka) which will be closed to fishing this year. The link at the bottom contains all the details and we are posting the general options below. The one concern is that in all areas the third option calls for just a 30 day season in April. We are hoping that overall we see options that are close to what the 1st and 2nd options call for.
For commercial anglers it's sadly all bad news with very limited openings and time on the water.

Sport Options
Cal / Oregon border to Horse Mountain: All three options now call for a full closure for the waters from the Cal Oregon border to House Mountain will be closed for the 2017 season

Horse Mountain to Point Arena:
Option 1: April 1st to 30th. Then May 15th to October 31st
Option 2: April 1 to May 31st and then July 1st to the 12th and then September 1 through November 12th.
Option 3: April 1-30th.

Point Arena to Pigeon Point:
Option 1: April 1-30th then May 15th to October 31st
Option 2: April 1-30th then June 15th to October 31st.
Option 3: April 1-30th

Pigeon Point to Point Sur:
Option 1: April 1- July 15th
Option 2: April 1 to June 30th
Option 3: April 1-30th

Here's a link to the proposed recreational seasons

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Fishermen, check out DF&Gs easy-to-use California Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations Map. Simply click the marine location where you plan to fish, and you will access a list of Sport Fishing Regulations for that area.

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