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September 18, 2017    Headlines
Salmon Limits

Feather River

Metropolitan Sacramento River:

Salmon fishing continues to be slow with the salmon pushing up quickly into the upper Feather and American Rivers. J. D. Richey of Richey’s Sport Fishing was on the American within the past week, and he said, “The rivers are in outstanding conditions with the American at 3500 cfs and 62 degrees and Feather at 7500 and 60 degrees. We didn’t get one bite on the American, but on Sunday, we landed three salmon on salmon roe under a bobber in the wildlife area on the Feather River.”


Feather River:

Almost all of the action on the Feather remains at the Outlet Hole, and there are a number of guides, private boaters and scores of those beading from the banks. Guide Dave Jacobs has been putting his clients into limits with scores of 12 to 20 fish per day. Dave says the majority of the fish are coming on roe and while the weekends are crowded they were still able to get limits of all on Sunday 9-11. Water temp is some of the coldest in years at the Outlet holding at a steady 58 -59 degrees. It's likely even colder up in the low flow section where many of the salmon spawn successfully when water tempos are kept cold by proper water releases. Dave is fishing the entire day with most trips beginning around 7 and ending in the early afternoon as temps climb. The weather looks to be much cooler this week with temps peaking in the low 80s.
Dave added that some clients don't like the crowds at the Outlet so he is taking them over to the Sac. He reports the action on the Sac is slower but they are seeing 4 to 6 fish per day. The grade is smaller but water temps are dropping and we should see more fish arriving in bigger numbers in the weeks ahead.

“Millions of Californians on hook for water plan”
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Today, The Associated Press published a story confirming rumors of “expanded funding demands” for the Delta Tunnels proposal. New documents obtained by the Associated Press reveal that dozens of local agencies representing millions of Californians may be required to pay for the tunnels, even though they have not been asked to participate in the project, nor would they receive the “supply reliability” benefits promised to CA WaterFix participants. This follows years of assurances from the Brown Administration that only local water agencies actively participating in the tunnels would be the paying for them.
A telling quote from Santa Clara Valley Water District board director Richard Santos reveals that State Water Project contractors have been pressured into participating in the tunnels project.

Ellen Knickmeyer and Scott Smith write, 
“Asked if California intended to cut off state water deliveries to those districts that refuse to help pay for the tunnels, Lien-Mager said only ‘opting out would not affect their existing contracts, but their actual water supplies from the SWP could become less reliable in the future.’
That message has begun trickling out as water agencies around the state decide whether to raise rates to pay for the tunnels.
‘That’s what we’re being informed — our contract ends if we don’t participate,’ said Richard Santos, a board member of the Santa Clara Valley water district, which supplies water to Silicon Valley.
If it plays out that way, Santos said, he will fight. ‘If they say they’ll cut off our allocations if we don’t participate, then let the courts take it on,’ he said.”
To read the entire story, click here.

Big numbers of dime bright salmon are pushing into the Feather river. Guides working the Thermalito Outlet Hole are seeing limits as are many of the bankies. Guide Dave Jacobs says that the action was unreal on Saturday 9-1. Dave was bouncing roe in the Outlet and says it was lights out action. They hooked close to 20 fish landing 8 to the 20 pound class. Dave said the fish are stacked like cordwood in some sections and when you drop a piece of roe down in the right area it will be quickly inhaled. Dave said he was metering 100s if not 1000s of fish holding in a very tight area. Dave said he was fishing next the Raith Herford of RH Guide Service and said Raith was putting on a clinic as well. Dave says with the numbers and quality of the fish on the Feather plus the good water temps of 64 degrees he will be running trips here for the next week. He has room available.
Bankies are finding success both tossing beads (flossing) and spinners. Many are scoring limits of quality fish with the best action coming from the downstream wall or the Island across.

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