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September 01, 2017    Headlines

 Salmon Munching!

The salmon action remains good over a wide area. On Thursday 8-31 Dennis on the New Captain Pete was trolling off Pedro Point. The bite was a tad slow early and picked up for the morning. They finished the day with 17 salmon to 15 pounds for 12 anglers. Dennis reports the local navy and after work crowd are picking up fish from just outside the jeyy to the buoys. The Golden Gate fleet is findgn good scores also on the Southside, the Channel buoys and Marin coast. Dennis has room next week but if full for the weekend.
Rockfishing is good on the local nearshore reefs with party and private boats sill finding limits.

Salmon fishing slowed down on Sunday due to the weather, but Saturday 8-12 was a solid day off of the San Mateo coast Dennis Baxter on the New Captain Pete says its been
limits on nearly every day for the past two weeks. Dennis says "there are fish from Egg Rock to Mussel rock in 50 to 90 feet. Find the bait and the salmon will find you.
There are also fish holding just outside the harbor that are keeping the kayakers and small boaters happy.

After an amazing run of salmon southwest of the harbor off of the Deep Reef, the salmon schools have moved up off of the Pacifica coastline, and boats from Pillar Point and San Francisco Bay are meeting off of Pedro Point for up to limits of salmon. The Farallons have been outstanding for rockfish and ling cod, and the islands are only an 18 mile run from Pillar Point. The flat calm weather has led to excellent ocean conditions during the past week. On Monday 8-7 Dennis said the bite was "lights out". They had 15 limits of salmon by 10:30 to the mid teens with most running 6 to 10 pounds fishing off Pedro Pt. Dennis has lots of space this week.

On Sunday 8-6, both Captain Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete and Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat went north to the Pedro Point area for near-limits of salmon with plenty of opportunities for two fish per customer. Baxter said, “We came up a few fish short of 16 limits with 26 salmon working from Egg Rock north to Mussel Rock, and the overall bite was slower today as the salmon have gone deeper with the water temperature rising to 60 degrees. Most of the Bay Area fleet was there with us, and a number of party boats were able to scratch out limits.”
Captain Tom Mattusch returned with 19 salmon on Sunday with a number of missed opportunities.
The warm water has led to private boats running offshore for albacore, and one private boat found a  school of bluefin tuna offshore, but the anglers on the Sea Angel decided to leave them alone since they were in the 12- to 14-pound range.


The salmon bite remains good with party boats venturing up the coast and the "evening crew" picking up some good counts outside the harbor. Dennis on the New Captain Pete reported 30 salmon for 18 anglers with fish to 12 pounds. On Wednesday 8-2 Dennis first ran all the way north to Duxbury where there was a good bite on Tuesday. After boating just a few fish Dennis ran south and dropped in the gear off Thornton beach. It was here where he picked up most of his action and said they lost a bunch or opportunities along the way. Denis has room this week and next. 

The following is from six pack captain Tom Joseph who went scouting for tuna today. Tom is one of the top tuna captains in out local waters and we greatly appreciate his reports and observations.
" Mike, took a friend of mine and we went looking for tuna. We finally got located 16 miles NW of the Guide. 7 albacore and 1 blue fin. Water was 61.5 and blue on blue.
I was using a 4 day old SST and chlorophyll shot. The was no break green water went to blue blue just inside the Guide. We tacked all way out to 03/40 then NW
toward Pioneer. Put 220 miles on round trip long day. Knowing what I know now I would start at the pioneer or Gumdrop I think that's where they are in big numbers."


The hot salmon bite of the past two weeks goes on out of Half Moon Bay with Captain Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete loading up with 16 limits of salmon on Thursday 7-27 by 10:00 a.m. He said, “I have a couple of spots on board for Sunday, and starting on Monday, next week is wide open. The fish are moving closer, only six miles from the harbor.”

Captain Tom Mattusch on the Huli Cat came back with even quicker limits with 21 limits of salmon by 9:20 a.m. on Thursday after posting 23 limits on Wednesday.

Captain Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete said, “The salmon bite slowed down on Thursday 7-13, but we ended up with a fish per  rod for 10 anglers fishing 7 miles southwest of the harbor. We picked at them all day, and the action between the Buoys also slowed down. My son, Braden, was out on the Fishing Luhrs last night, and they only picked up a single fish which was a precursor to Thursday’s action. The weather was rough on the south side on Thursday, and after finding rough water at Mussel Rock due to a big southerly wind, the party boats ran down to the Deep Reef. There are plenty of white jelly fish at the Deep Reef. If the fish bite, I will be fishing salmon over the weekend, if not, it will be rockfish.”
 Hot Sheet Subscriber Dmitry Varakuta went out on Thursday with his friend, Valeriy. He said, “We  launched out of Pillar Point Harbor at 6 am and headed north towards yesterday's hotspot. There were a few boats there already and party boats began showing up minutes afterward. We fished Pacifica before Mussel Rock till 10 am. We had 1 bite til that time so we picked up and ran south to below Pedro Point. We hung around there 30-40 mins and began trolling towards the pier again. Around 1130,  we boxed our first fish, a 5-6 pound fish. From then we had about a dozen bites til we left around 2:45. We ended our day with a small keeper king released ,1 coho released, and two 5-6lb fish along with a 20lber. All fish came on anchovies at 30-40 otw. Thank you GGSA for all your time and efforts.”
This writer is sneaking off for our annual family trip to our vacation home on the Kenai peninsula. We will be chasing sockeyes and kings on the local rivers and will be jumping on board with good friend Captain Steve Smith for some halibut, ling and saltwater action. We will be leaving the laptop at home and will return with full reports here on Saturday July 29th.
In the time being please contact our sponsors or visit their websites for current reports, information and bookings.
Until then... good fishing!
Mike Aughney

Captain Dennis on the New Captain Pete reported great action again on Wednesday 7-12. Fishing 7 miles south of the harbor Dennis reported 13 limits of salmon. The fishing was not quite as fast as Tuesday's bite but solid none the less. Funny how quickly we all become spoiled. Dennis says that the fish are stuffed with squid and anchovies. There are schools of fish up and down the coast with private and party boats also scoring off the Deep Reef, Martin Beach, Pedro Pt and up at Mussel rocks. The majority of the fish are hatchery clipped. Thanks to the efforts of the GGSA to advocate for trucking fish during the drought we not only have a season this year it's turning out to be much better than predicted.
Dennis says that the first salmon are starting to show in the harbor as well. Much thanks to the efforts of Coastside for their salmon net pen project which has resulted in good returns to the local waters the past few years.

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