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December 18, 2014    Headlines

Crab counts drop but limits still available
Solid Rockfish and Ling Action

After ten plus days of wet and nasty weather is looks like conditions will start to improve and dry out this coming weekend. Rick Powers on the New Sea Angler checked in on Thursday 12-18 to report " we will be back out on Saturday with a charter and have light open loads Sunday 12- 21 to Wednesday 12-23, and again on Friday the 26th through Sunday 12-29". They have not pulled any crab pots for nearly two weeks and easy limits of crabs and rockfish should remain the rule through the end of the rockfish season. We will have fresh fish reports come Saturday. Rick will be running crab /sand bad/  Humboldt squid combos in January. With water temps holding at 59 degrees the big squid could make an appearance after a two years absence.

The crabs counts are dropping off for sport crabbers but party boats and six packs are still getting limits of crabs and rockfish. Rick on the New Sea Angler was back out on Friday and Saturday 12-6 and reported great action. On Saturday they had less than 10 knots of breeze over a five foot swell and the fish were chomping. They had limits of lings to 18 pounds, limits of quality rockfish and limits of crabs for 23 anglers. Rick is full on Sunday and has room daily this next week. The rockfish season closes on December 31st at sunset.
On the private boater front Kenny reported 3 limits of crabs pulling 8 pots out of a sting of 12 that have been sitting for over a week. He said that for the first time in weeks his gear was not molested and had 2 to 7 legal crabs per pot.
On Friday there was some wind but good fishing. Rick reported 23 lings to 18 pounds for 15 anglers adding limits of rockfish and crabs.

No boats were out on Tuesday 12-2 due to the high winds and rain moving through the area. Overall crab counts have dropped to 2 to 4 crabs for most sport anglers on overnight soaks but party boats with their longer strings will continue to see limits likely through the end of the rockfish season on December 31st. Small craft are up through tomorrow but it looks like will see some windows of calmer conditions later in the week.

On Friday  11-28 Rick on the New Sea Angler reported limits of crabs, rockfish and a half ling per rod fishing at Ft Ross. The winds were light and the seas a bit lumpy with 10 knots of wind over a 8 foot swell.

 The winds have been light with just a 6 to 8 foot swell the past two days. Lots of anglers have been out stocking up on Thanksgiving crab. Rick on the New Sea Angler had 30 clients on board on Tuesday 11-25 and once again Rick posted a BIG score. They landed 49 lings to 17 pounds plus easy limits of quality rockfish and crabs. They were fishing up at Ft Ross where Rick says that any angler who can toss a small bar or swim bait with any talent will land six or more lings. They had to pull a dozen or so pots for their 180 crabs. Rick is still seeing good numbers in gear on longer soaks but sport anglers on short soaks are seeing 5 or less crabs per pot.
The cream has been skimmed and many of the big northern boats are stacking gear and headed home after hammering the local waters. Pot limits have done NOTHING to slow the commercial harvest and in the last 10 days it is likely that over 50% of the total annual commercial catch has already been landed.

Crabbing remains solid despite the rain and breezy conditions the past few days. Conditions were both wet and windy Saturday 11-22 morning with 18 knots out of SW wind over an 8 foot swell most private boats wisely turned back but a few were working the outer bay. The front passed through by 9AM and the winds dropped to 10 to 12 knots out of the NW but again increased in the early afternoon. For Rick on the 65' New Sea Angler these conditions were just fine. Rick once again ran north to Ft Ross where they put in 36 limits of rockfish adding 9 lings to 10 pounds. Pulling through 7 or 8 pots they sent everyone home with limits of Thanksgiving crab. Currently at 5:PM we are seeing 22 knots of wind over a 9 foot swell at the wx buoy. The forecast calls for both wind and swell to drop on Sunday and the forecast looks real nice for Monday and Tuesday. Rick has lots of space all this week.


On Friday Rick on the New Sea Angler reported limits of rockfish and crabs adding 17 lings for 22 anglers.

On Tuesday 11-17 Rick on the New Sea Angler checked in with limits of rockfish and crabs adding a half ling per rod. Rick has been rockfishing off Ft Ross on most trips and his crabs are coming off the Head. Rick has room weekdays this week.

On Saturday 11-15 one of the best practical jokes in years played out on the waters off Bodega Bay. Many locals were involved or in the know and the target was local "Billy G". Billy who is out most days (and always on the radio) with a variety of friends was pulling a pot in his lower string that had not yet been pulled this season. With two friends from Sacramento on board Billy was excited, As they pulled the pot the his block was taxed to it's limit and Billy kept announcing "this one must be stuffed", GEEEEER GEEER GEER goes the block, Billy says" Oh it must be 
Oh baby this one must be stuffed". Up comes the biggest catch Billy has ever had crabbing..... an old Kohler toilet that had a painted smiley face and a big  plastic crab wired to the bowl. 
The jokers behind this were Dave with CatchEm Products, Mike G and Dennis. Apparently there were many others in the know just waiting for Billy to hit the Mother load. When the "pot" hit the surface Billy had no idea what was going on. "Some Son of the Bitch stole my pot and put a toilet in my string". Once Billy got back to his berth the word was out and Billy realized he has be had.  Great joke, easy target, good going to all involved.

Catch Em Products

Catch Em Products has a full line of sport crab blocks including the "Brutus Ace Line Haulers along with a full line of crab pots and gear. Dave is a long time Bodega angler and is a great source of info and more than willing to help sport anglers on what is the best for their particular boat. He offers very competitive pricing for those looking for "everything crabbing" He can be reached at 707 538-5440 or at davengman@

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5-day plot - Wind Speed at 46013

5-day plot - Wave Height at 46013

Marine Weather
With the Point Arena, San Francisco and Bodega Bay buoys all out of service it's been tough to judge conditions. There are some land based weather stations, wave rider and even webcams that readers can use to assess current conditions.  The Point Reyes wind observations or wave conditions at the San Francisco wave rider buoy are good tools for Golden Gate anglers.  For Bodega Bay anglers you can use both the Point Reyes wind observations and the Bodega Bay Marine lab web cam at Horseshoe Cove and conditions at the Point Arena light house. For Monterey based anglers looking for conditions inside Monterey bay can use the Monterey Bay Aquarium buoy.




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