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September 02, 2014    Headlines

Salmon Bite Hit & Miss
Solid Rockfish and Ling Action

The fog has pushed back and the seas have calmed on Tuesday 9-2. Bodega looked like a ghost town driving through mid afternoon. There were just three trucks and trailers at the Westside launch at 3:PM, maybe 5 campers at Westside campground and two trailers at Doran as this writer met a friend for lunch. Rick on the New Sea Angler had a light load of 14 anglers who boated 1 65LB white sea bass, one 28 pound salmon and  14 limits of rockfish and 10 lings to 13 pounds. The weather was beautiful after a breezy weekend with less than 5 knots of wind over a 5 foot swell. Rick said he heard of just two other salmon reported on the limited radio chatter.

 We saw the winds begin to ramp up on Friday and conditions remained windy and lumpy all weekend. On Saturday 8-30 Rick on the New Sea Angler ran north. Conditions along the beach were decent through the mid morning hours but by noon winds to 20 to 25 knots filled in along the beach. Rick reported 33 limits of rockfish adding 54 lings to 18 pounds off Ft Ross. Rick's plan was a good one as they had the wind on the stern for the ride home. Rick has canceled for Sunday due to wind and has only light loads scheduled this coming week. He will be running rockfish / salmon combos.
No private boater reports were in my email box for Friday or Saturday likely due to the conditions. On Thursday private boater Allen E. showed reported a huge white sea bass caught off the Estero. 
 The salmon action remains "good today slow tomorrow" type affair. The key is putting is some time on the water to be find success. On Thursday 8-28 Rick on the New Sea Angler ran a combo trip. Mooching off the top end of Ten Mile to Elephant Rock they landed 5 salmon to 32 pounds and missed and lost five others. Switching to rockfish they loaded the sacks with browns, coppers, vermilions, china's and some big blues adding 8 lings to 14 pounds. On the private boater front Santa Rosa Frank reported 2 limits of 12 to 20 pound fish mooching off the Tomales buoy on Wednesday. Frank said the bait was stacked up just north but all their fish came on the edges not in the "big balls". Over the past few days we have received a handful of reports from readers who started off trolling and switched to mooching and ALL reported the majority of their fish landed on the mooch.

On Tuesday 8-26 Rick on the New Sea Angler mooched off Ten Mile and Elephant rockfish and chased rockfish down at Point Reyes. He reported 10 salmon hooked and 4 to 17 pounds landed. Switching over to rockfish they boated limits of quality coppers, browns and big schoolfish adding 22 lings to 15 pounds hitting a number of small reefs. Private boaters the past two days have been seeing good action of 1 to 8 fish per boat working off Ten Mile, Elephant rock and Carmet. Mooching has been very good for knowledgeable anglers working the squid schools and trollers are finding pockets of fish but many are working hard to put more than three fish in the box.

Salmon Demise Likely Under Proposed Twin Tunnel Plan

GGSA comments on project’s clear threat to salmon

San Francisco -- Plans to build a massive new water diversion and conveyance structure in the Delta will spell the end of California’s salmon runs according to comments submitted today by the Golden Gate Salmon Association. The comments responded to a draft EIR/EIS describing the twin tunnel project. GGSA’s comments echo earlier findings from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service showing the project would greatly damage salmon runs in California’s Central Valley.

“There’s no doubt the current manmade system for diverting Sacramento River delta water south has badly harmed our native fisheries, including our salmon runs. However, it’s also clear that the state Department of Water Resources and water users south of the Delta have proposed this massive water diversion and twin tunnels that suits their needs and then tried unsuccessfully to manipulate the science to show it won’t wipe out salmon,” said GGSA executive director John McManus.

“The proposed massive water diversion and tunnel project would basically take too much upper Sacramento River basin water in many years, leaving too little cold water available to sustain salmon spawning,” said GGSA chairman Roger Thomas. Thomas is also the president of the Golden Gate Fishermen’s Association, a group representing charter boat operators. “We don’t have enough water for salmon as is in most years. Where are they going to get the extra water from?”

“The relative trickle of water left downstream of the diversion point near Sacramento would be too little to flush baby salmon to the bay and ocean or sustain the health of the Delta and bay,” said GGSA vice-chair Zeke Grader. Grader is also the executive director of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, a group representing commercial salmon fishermen.

Other comments point to the likelihood that the three giant diversion intake screens used to supply the twin tunnels, will harm or kill salmon. Baby salmon will be sucked up against the screens, more than a third of a mile long each, since the river current isn’t strong enough at the planned site to safely sweep them by. The screens will operate at times of the year when the highest concentrations of baby salmon are passing by and will create conditions favorable to bigger fish that feed on juvenile salmon. More dangerous reverse currents will be created downstream of the diversion in side channels pulling baby salmon off course to their death in the interior Delta. These are just some of the ways the proposed project will harm salmon and other native species.

“As currently planned, the BDCP will wreak carnage on salmon. Wiping out salmon will kill jobs and harm the economy of our coastal and inland communities,” said McManus. “It’s hard to imagine a scenario where the current tunnel proposal could survive a court challenge since it blatantly violates laws intended to protect wildlife,” he concluded.

The Golden Gate Salmon Association ( is a coalition of salmon advocates that includes commercial and recreational salmon fisherman, businesses, restaurants, an Indian tribe, environmentalists, elected officials, families and communities that rely on salmon. GGSA’s mission is to protect and restore California’s largest salmon producing habitat comprised of the Central Valley river’s that feed the Bay-Delta ecosystem and the communities that rely on salmon as a long-term, sustainable, commercial, recreational and cultural resource.

Currently, California’s salmon industry is valued at $1.4 billion in economic activity annually and about half that much in economic activity and jobs again in Oregon. The industry employs tens of thousands of people from Santa Barbara to northern Oregon. This is a huge economic bloc made up of commercial fishermen, recreational fishermen (fresh and salt water), fish processors, marinas, coastal communities, equipment manufacturers, the hotel and food industry, tribes, and the salmon fishing industry at large.

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5-day plot - Wave Height at 46013

Marine Weather
With the Point Arena, San Francisco and Bodega Bay buoys all out of service it's been tough to judge conditions. There are some land based weather stations, wave rider and even webcams that readers can use to assess current conditions.  The Point Reyes wind observations or wave conditions at the San Francisco wave rider buoy are good tools for Golden Gate anglers.  For Bodega Bay anglers you can use both the Point Reyes wind observations and the Bodega Bay Marine lab web cam at Horseshoe Cove and conditions at the Point Arena light house. For Monterey based anglers looking for conditions inside Monterey bay can use the Monterey Bay Aquarium buoy.




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