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August 15, 2017    Headlines

Salmon Heats Up
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The weather has laid back down and scores are back on the rise. After breezy conditions over the weekend and a slump in scores most party boats reported limits and near limits of salmon on Monday 8-14. The majority of the fleet ran south to the Pacifica / Mussel rock / Pedro point with the bulk of the catch being two year olds in the 5 to 10 pound class with a few bigger fish in the mix.
Here on Tuesday 8-15 there was a complete switch is the action. Jared on the Salty Lady said that he and most other boats started south but after the first hour the bite turned dead slow. Jared (and many others) ran north searching and for most of the morning they found little other action. By the late morning Jared had just a handful of salmon in the box......things did not look god..... when the fish started to bite. Between noon and 3:PM Jared's group of 21 anglers threw fish after BIG fish in the box. Their final score was 25 salmon to 26 pounds for 21 anglers. They had five fish over 20 pounds and most of the rest were a solid 10 to 15 plus.  They also lost several big slugs during the brief three hour bite.
Emeryville had some goof counts as well. The Sundance had 9 salmon for 6 anglers while the C Gull reported 16 for 18 anglers. The New Huck Finn worked the rocks for 12 limits of rockfish and 12 lings. The weather forecast looks great the next few days. The Salty Lady if full through Sunday but has room next week. The Fish Emeryville has room daily for salmon and rockfishing trips.

The weather turned breezy over the weekend and salmon scores dropped off. Jared on the Salty Lady was whale watching this weekend but gave us a rundown of what the fleet was finding. There are still salmon being caught over a wide area from the South side to the Channel buoys and up to Duxbury. On Sunday 8-13 Jared said many boats started south where they have been seeing some of the highest numbers. After the bite slowed south some boats ran up to the Channel buoys and Middles Grounds where they found some bigger fish. Overall scores were in the plus minus fish per rod range. Out of Emeryville the Dragon had 8 salmon for 6 anglers. RJ on the Sundance reported 9 salmon for six anglers. The New Salmon Queen had 12 salmon for 18 anglers while the Tigerfish reported 11 for 18. Overall it sounds like the weather was very sloppy and rolly and this put a damper on the scores. The good news is that the fog is rolling back in and better weather is in the forecast in the days ahead.
On the rockfishing front the New Huck Finn reported 265 rockfish and 33 lings for a group of 32 anglers.
Emeryville has room daily for salmon and both Island and coastal rockfish trips. The Salty Lady is sold out weekends through the end of the salmon season but has room weekdays.

The "lights out" salmon action continues off the Golden Gate. On Monday 8-7 nearly all party boats reported limits and early limits of salmon. Fish Emeryville had five boats out after salmon and one chasing white meat at the Farallon Islands. The C Gull reported 19 limits, the Dragon had 4 limits, the New Huck Finn 32 fish for 16 anglers and the Sundance had limits again with six. Jared on the Salty Lady has not yet checked in but we expect he was there with the pack leaders.
The bulk of the fleet has been fishing south from Mussel rock to Pedro Point. I would expect that the Marin coast bite should or at least could break open in the coming days. The action for the past two plus months is far better than anyone expected and will only get better as the Sac bound spawners push through the local waters.
Fish Emeryville also had the Sea Wolf fishing at the Islands and they loaded up on white meat with 30 limits of rockfish and 52 lings to the high teens. They have room for salmon and rockfishing trips daily this week. The weather was flat and foggy. 

The salmon continue to bite off the Golden Gate with great weather and from all appearances more great action to come. On Sunday 8-6 Emeryville had several boats out for salmon. So far the Sundance reported 6 limits and the Tigerfish had 43 salmon for 25 anglers. We should have additional scores later. The fleet has been finding good counts off Thornton beach and Mussel rock but there are other areas to target. There are also been some good scores reported by private boaters fishing up at Duxbury, the Towers and NW of the Channel buoys. In a nutshell the highest counts have been south but there are some bigger fish lurking off the Marin coast. With multiple schools of salmon off the Gate and river bound salmon sliding down along the coast we expect more continued great action in the weeks ahead.
The Salty Lady was whale watching this weekend but will be out this week with some limited room available. Emeryville has room daily this week for salmon. 

The salmon bite broke wide open on Thursday 8-3. The bulk of the fleet was fishing in 40 to 70 feet off Mussel rocks and Thornton beach. Out of Emeryville they had four boats chasing salmon who all took early limits of salmon for a combines 43 anglers. All were trolling and some were headed home by mid morning.
The Sea Wolf ran to the Islands and reported 26 limits of rockfish and 16 lings.

The salmon bite remains solid, rockfish are chomping and there are tune offshore. The entire Gulf of the Farallons literally has schools of salmon (nearly all are fish that are a result of GGSA's efforts to get fish trucked during the drought) from Half Moon Bay to Bodega bay. Over the past week party boats have found good action from the Deep Reef, Mussel Rocks, S Buoy, W Buoy and Duxbury. Out of Sausalito on Wednesday 8-2 Jared on the Salty Lady south. After finding good action late in the day at Duxbury on Tuesday Jared heard that boats that had an early start were not finding much this morning. Jared turned left and worked the 50 to 90 foot depths off Mussel rock for 18 limits to 20 pounds. He said they had mostly commercial grade fish averaging 8 to 15 pounds with a mix of smaller and bigger fish in the catch. The rest of the fleet was spread out far and wide from the Marin Coast to S buoy. Out of Emeryville the Sundance has 6 limits. The Dragon had 9 for 6, while the C Gull reported 22 for 18 anglers adding two halibut. The Salmon Queen had a fish per rod for 18 anglers and the usually hot Tigerfish reported 11 salmon for 18 anglers.
On the white meat front the New Huck Finn reported 20 limits of rockfish adding 33 lings and a bonus pacific halibut. Emeryville has room this week so get on board!

The following is from six pack captain Tom Joseph who went scouting for tuna today. Tom is one of the top tuna captains in out local waters and we greatly appreciate his reports and observations.
" Mike, took a friend of mine and we went looking for tuna. We finally got located 16 miles NW of the Guide. 7 albacore and 1 blue fin. Water was 61.5 and blue on blue.
I was using a 4 day old SST and chlorophyll shot. The was no break green water went to blue blue just inside the Guide. We tacked all way out to 03/40 then NW
toward Pioneer. Put 220 miles on round trip long day. Knowing what I know now I would start at the pioneer or Gumdrop I think that's where they are in big numbers."

The salmon bite dropped off a tad on Tuesday 8-1 but overall good action still being found. This is not the end of the bite just a reshuffling of fish on the move looking for feed. Out of Emeryville RJ on the Sundance had a FB post at 10:AM of 6 limits and one of the first boats headed home. The C Gull reported 22 salmon for 17 anglers. The Dragon reported a fish per rod for 7 anglers while the Tigerfish reported 14 salmon for 18 anglers. The Huck Finn fished the Islands for 22 limits of quality rockfish adding 27 lings.
Out of Sausalito Jared on the Salty Lady reported 18 fish for 27 anglers with fish to 27 pounds. Jared said they started in the Middle Ground and found most of their action off Duxbury. The fish are a mixed grade of two year olds running 6 to 10 pounds with some spawn bound fish in the 15 to 20 plus class in the mix. The bite should break back open any day. We have seen this pattern of "ho hum easy limits" for days followed by a day or two of slower scores with the bite breaking wide open the next. The weather was flat calm today and the forecast calls for more of the same in the days ahead.

The salmon action just remains unreal out the Gate. On Monday 7-31 all boats once again saw limits and early limits of salmon. Jared on the Salty Lady said (with a smile) it was just another "ho hum day of limits". They were headed for port by 1:PM with 17 limits to 18 pounds. The hot action for most boats was off S Buoy and the fish are tracking north.
Out of Emeryville the C Gull reported 19 limits while the six pack Sundance was headed home after just an hour of fish with 6 limits. It doesn't get much better than that. Emeryville has room all this week for salmon. The Salty Lady has limited room weekdays.
Also out of Emeryville the Sea Wolf ran to the Islands for 25 limits of rockfish adding 33 lings. The ling counts have been solid all season and will only improve as we move towards the fall spawn period.

After a drop in scores to plus minus a fish per rod on Saturday the salmon were back on the munch on Sunday 7-30. Emeryville had four boats out after salmon. The C Gull reported 19 limits, the Dragon had 6, the New Salmon Queen 14 limits and the Tigerfish had 19 limits. We believe that the Sundance also had 6 limits early this morning but have not confirmed that. The fish are a mixed grade with lots of 6 to 12 pound two year olds (next years spawners) and about 1/3 of fish running from 12 to 20 plus pounds. The Salty Lady was whale watching today but will be out daily this coming week with limited space available.
The Sea Wolf ran to the Islands for 31 limits of rockfish adding 36 lings. The weather was dead flat with less than five knots of wind over a 3 foot swell.

The red hot salmon bite continues. This writer is back on the keyboard after spending 12 days at our Alaska cabin. It seems though that nothing has changed with party boats reporting limits od salmon. The fleet has been running south to Half Moon bay and most are finding limits for big loads before noon. On Thursday 7-27 Jared on the Salty Lady reported 31 limits while every boat out of Emeryville was headed home with early limits. With the hot bite everyone is trying to find a spot and weekends are filling well in advance. Both Emeryville and the Salty Lady have room weekdays but one has to plan their trips in advance.
 Captain John McGee of Legal Limits Sport Fishing took an exploratory trip up north to Slide Ranch, and he combed the area to find excellent conditions with birds, brown water, and whales feeding on anchovies and krill, but even though the water was right, there was not even a scratched bite. He traveled south to Mussel Rock near Pacifica, and the water looked good again, but there was much less bait. They also found nothing there either. Right now, by far the best fishing is south of Half Moon Bay, and we have to take the long ride.
Boats that normally fish potluck trips in the bay are also switching over to salmon fishing, and the California Dawn out of Berkeley and New Huck Finn out of Emeryville have posted up to 29 limits of salmon within the past few days. The action is so good that the bay is being ignored for the most part at the present time.
There is at least one boat fishing for rockfish, and the action remains excellent with the Sea Wolf out of Emeryville Sport Fishing scoring 30 limits of both rockfish and ling cod on Wednesday following this up with 27 limits of rockfish and 49 ling cod to 17 pounds on Thursday 7-27.
The New Huck Finn also went rockfishing on Thursday with 32 limits of rockfish and 36 ling cod. The California Dawn went up the Marin coast on Wednesday for 28 limits of rockfish and 35 ling cod since the conditions inside the bay were not ideal for a halibut/striped bass bite.

The salmon bite remains good here on Friday 7-14. The bulk of the fleet was trolling around Mussel Rocks and Pacifica in 50 to 90 feet of water. Overall scores ranged from a solid fish per rod to limits of salmon. On the Salty Lady captain Jared reported 25 salmon for 19 anglers with fish to 14 pounds. Jared said it was a whole new batch of fish that moved in and the grade was smaller than the past few days. Those slugs may have pushed up the line to the Channel buoys or Middle Grounds and more fish will be schooling up outside the Gate as we get closer to the spawn push. While there will be a few slow days in the mix I would expect we see mostly plus fish per rod scores through mid September as all the fish start to push towards the Golden Gate in the weeks ahead. The Salty Lady has space available weekdays but weekends are sold out for the next several weeks.
Out of Emeryville RJ on the Sundance reported 6 limits, the Wetspot had 6 for 4 anglers and the Dragon had 9 salmon for 6 anglers.
Many party boats are now fishing the Marin Coast and Islands for rockfish and lings as they leave the confines of the bay. The C Gull reported 12 limits of lings and rockfish and the Sea Wolf had a huge score of 32 limits of lings and rockfish out at the Islands. The extra depth restrictions have been a big help in opening up new territory for captains to work. The Huck Finn fished both the coast and the bay for 11 stripers, 77 rockfish and 16 lings for 11. Earlier in the week Jay went south and scored limits of BIG beach stripers. Fish Emeryville has lots of space available weekdays for salmon, rockfish and lings and live bait bay and coastal potluck trips.  
For daily scores and counts visit the Fish Emeryville website using the banner link above. We return from vacation on July 29th.

Regulations for the MLPAs are now in effect from Pt Arena to Pigeon Point. Anglers need to know which areas are affected and the regulations and the boundaries of the different zones. Please use this link and be sure to print a map for these areas to carry with you.

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