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June 22, 2017    Headlines

Salmon Heats Back Up
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The weather has laid out and party boats were whacking early limits of salmon on Thursday 6-22. Before the noon hour second captain Jared Davis on the Salty Lady reported limits. They had a family charter of Nevada big game guide Kurt Ludlow and his family on board. Kurt, his wife and kids took 5 limits to 25 pounds and lost many others along the way. Jared said that half their fish were over 18 pounds with 4 in the 22 to 25 pound class. Other boats around him were swinging nets all morning and most had better than a fish per rod to near limits while he was headed for the berth. The Salty Lady has room weekdays but weekends are mostly booked solid through July so get your weekday reservations in SOON! The weather was great with less than 5 knots of breeze over a 4 foot swell. The forecast calls for calm weather through the weekend!!!!

The Golden Gate fleet is whacking and stacking near limits to early limits of salmon for the past two plus weeks. On Tuesday 6-20 the Salty Lady was tied up for their annual Coast Guard inspection. All party boats that carry more than 6 passengers are required to go through this very detailed inspection. These inspections include all mechanical systems and safety equipment and of course the Salty Lady came through with flying colors. While Roger and crew were going through their inspection their dock partners were out slaying salmon. Second Captain Jared Davis reported that the Blue Runner was in with early limits and while not confirmed he did see that every customer walking off the New RayAnne had a sack of two large salmon. Jared said the word is the hot bite was off on N buoy today with most fish running 10 to 15 pounds and some big smokers to the mid 20 class in the mix. The weather has been breezy for the past week plus but the forecast calls for calmer conditions later this week. Spots are fill fast and you will want to get reservations soon!

The sizzling hot salmon action continues outside the Golden Gate. Captain Jared on the Salty Lady reports the better action moved a tad offshore on Sunday 6-18. The party boat fleet was trolling between W and N buoy and from all reports we have seen so far on Father's Day all boats got limits. The Salty Lady had 21limits to an incredible size of 31 pounds. The big fish bounced the scale to the longest it has stretched and was landed by James McLaughlin of Mill Valley (above). They had several other high in the high teens to the mid 20 class. The Salty Lady is filling fast so get your spots booked soon. This is the BEST salmon action on the entire California coast at this time.

Despite the less than ideal weather conditions party boats are stacking up big counts of BIG fish. On Friday 6-16 Jared on the Salty Lady reported 37 salmon to 29 pounds for their 21 anglers. Jared said they did several big multiple hookups where they would hook 6 to 12 fish at a time. During one 'fire drill" they hooked ten and only landed four. The fish are hot and feisty and very hard to hang onto. Most other party boats also saw limits or very close to limits action trolling on the Marin Coast. The forecast calls for breezy weather into next week. Boats are finding some protection from the wind along the lower Marin coast with boats fishing a wide area from Duxbury to the Weather buoy. With winds of 20 plus knots this is NOT small boat weather. Top bets for private boaters on smaller craft is to worked the Central Bay for halibut and rockfish and wait for better weather offshore.

Despite the breezzzzzy weather the salmon fishing had been solid. Party boats have been working a wide area from Duxbury to the Weather Buoy and reporting a solid fish per rod to early limits of salmon for the past week. On Thursday 6-15 Jared on the Salty Lady reported 18 salmon for 14 anglers with fish to 26 pounds. They started out in the Middle Grounds where they boxed 13 fish and lost several others. The fish are all big averaging 15 pounds and all boats are losing many due to both size and the weather conditions. As the winds ramped up they headed for the protected waters inside the bight of Bolinas bay where they landed 5 of their 18 fish. The Salty Lady has room Friday and Sunday of the coming week.

On Wednesday 6-14 the bite was hot on the Salty Lady. Captain Roger Thomas reported 14 EARLY limits of salmon to 28 pounds with at least a 15 pound average. The fish were coming in singles doubles and even quads with quiet periods in between.  Other party boats in the area also saw scores of a fish per rod to limits before the noon hour. This is the best salmon bite on the entire coast. If you want to load up on a big fish or two and beat the coming heat wave this is your top bet!

The weather was rough again on Monday 6-12 but the action was good despite the conditions.
Jared on the Salty Lady reported 8 salmon for 9 anglers to 25 pounds, all big fish and many others lost. They were fishing just outside of Duxbury. Jared says they are taking a maintenance day off on Tuesday with lots of room Wednesday through Friday.
The salmon bite has been solid when the weather cooperates the past week. Here on Sunday 6-11 the pattern changed with sloppy weather and the fish munching. Jared on the Salty Lady reported they started the day offshore outside of N buoy picking and few fish here and there in "tough conditions but we fish in worse". Late in the morning they ran in to just outside Duxbury and it the bite was wide open. Jared said is was "as good as it gets, no exaggeration". They ended the day with 25 salmon for 17 anglers to 28 pounds with many other fish lost. They had a solid 12 to 15 pound average with a few in the high teens and low 20 pound class. Jared does not get easily excited but I could hear in his voice tonight how pumped up he was and excited about  the big fish and what may lay ahead in the coming week. The Salty Lady has room available this week.
On Saturday 6-10 most of the Golden Gate fleet reported great action. Scores ranged from a fish and a half to early limits with some boats headed to port before 11 AM with up to 22 limits of salmon. Most are fishing from outside of N Buoy to 5 miles south of Chimney rockfish in 30 to 35 fathoms. The weather was dead calm with less then 5 knots of wind over a five foot swell.

The salmon action broke back open and the seas laid out on Wednesday 7-7. Jared on the Salty Lady reported 15 limits by the noon hour with fish to 18 pounds. Overall they were all solid fat fish averaging 10 to 14 pounds with a few in the high teens. They were trolling west of S Buoy 3 to 5 miles and the whole area has lots of feed. Jared said their dock partner Johnny on the New Rayanne also had early limits for 10 anglers. The Salty Lady has room on Friday and Sunday. Get on while they are biting!

After yet another several days of windy weather conditions are forecasted to lay down over the next couple of days. Here on Tuesday 6-6 we are seeing 15 knots of wind over a 6 foot swell. The forecast calls for winds to drop 5 to 15 knots the next two days and this will allow boats to get back out and scout for salmon. So far this season the Golden Gate has produced some of the best catches and hopefully this tread continues. We will post reports this weekend as we are taking a short family vacation to spend a few days chasing Abs on the Sonoma coast. The Salty Lady has space available for those looking to catch some kings!
Rockfishing at the Islands has been solid and will only be better with the calmer conditions.

Breezy weather moved in on Sunday and Monday 5-29, and the salmon scores took a dip as a result. The fish are still there, but the 15 to 20 knot winds were a limiting factor. The three Sausalito boats took out 55 anglers on Memorial Day for 20 salmon to 22 pounds fishing from Point Reyes Buoy south to N Buoy.

Captain Steve Mitchell of Hook’d Up Fishing out of Berkeley took the ride out to short of the Farallons on Sunday in search of salmon, and he said, “We ended up being out there a bit late as the bite was in the early morning with the New Easy Rider picking up 21 salmon for 18 anglers, but by the time we got to W Buoy, the wind was kicking hard. We roughed it out, and after catching one right off of the bat, we ended up with four salmon for our clients. After the conditions became too rough, we made the run back in with waves crashing over the bow. The boat performed great, but we will be staying in the bay on Monday.”

The Golden Gate remains to be the hotspot for salmon anglers off the entire Bay Area coast. On Friday 5-26 we had flat calms seas and good action 18 to 20 miles west of the Golden gate. Jared on the Salty Lady reports that overall scores ran from a fish per rod to over a fish and a half. The fish are fat averaging 10 to 15 pounds and going to 20 * and are stuffed with krill. The bulk of the action over the past few days has been centered between W buoy and the Main Farallon Islands. There was is brown and full of feed and with the calm forecast the bite looks to continue. The Salty Lady has lots of room this coming week.
Party boats are also scoring easy limits of quality rockfish and 1 fish per stick to limits of lings out at the Islands. The rockfish bite along the beach had been slow but will pick up in the coming weeks.

After five days of limits and near limits the salmon fleet saw a slow down in scores but still good fishing on Thursday 5-25. Captain Jared on the Salty Lady reports they found the fish in the same spot as yesterday where they ended just two shy of limits. Fishing 3 to 5 miles west of W buoy Jared reported 8 salmon for 14 anglers with fish to 22 pounds. They had some south wind and water color charged from dark brown to an off green which drove the bait deeper. Overall scores ran from a half fish to over a fish per rod for the party boat fleet. They have lots of room Friday and again on Memorial day. This school of fish is slowly working north and we could see the bite break open off the Islands, N buoy or Pt Reyes in the coming days.
On Wednesday 5-24 Jared reported 18 salmon to 20 pounds for a light load of ten anglers. They lost a bunch with several flurries of 2 to 5 fish on at a time with lulls between.

Regulations for the MLPAs are now in effect from Pt Arena to Pigeon Point. Anglers need to know which areas are affected and the regulations and the boundaries of the different zones. Please use this link and be sure to print a map for these areas to carry with you.

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