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August 01, 2019    Headlines

Summer Blues

Delta Report
By Dave Hurley

The river salmon season in the Sacramento River continues to be spotty with the best action in either the cooler waters of the Feather River or the upper Sacramento River. Triple-digit temperatures are contributing to the paucity of salmon as any anadromous species is pouring quickly up the river system to cooler waters.

There are still huge schools of salmon up and down the California coast that have yet to enter the Golden Gate, and most guides will start to get active in the area around mid-August through the month of November.

In the Freeport area, an occasional salmon is taken off of the shoreline with Mepp’s Flying C’s while boaters are backtrolling Brad’s K-15 Killer Fish with a sardine wrap. Sardines coated with garlic spray or pile worms are working best for striped bass while smallmouth bass are taken along the rocky banks in Steamboat Slough with live minnows, deep-diving crankbaits, or plastics on the drop-shot. The bass have gone deep in response to the warming water temperatures. Catfish are found in the Sacramento Deep Water Channel or Lisbon Slough with cut baits or chicken livers.”

Sylvia Vieira of Vieira’s Riverside Bait near Isleton reported Monday 7-29 that no salmon had been landed yet out of their launch, and only a few boats have been launching on a daily basis. The months of September and October are expected to provide banner action, and they still have more room in the

Out of Benicia, Tony Lopez of Benicia Bait said, “There still hasn’t been a salmon taken off of the Benicia shorelines, but there was a decent striper landed on a Vee-Zee spinner this week by a fisherman targeting salmon. Striper action from the shorelines has been pretty decent with pile worms or grass shrimp, and we have had a good supply of grass shrimp in the shop along with some quality bullheads. No one that I know of has been sturgeon fishing in the past weeks, most likely due to the combination of either wind or heat.”

Delta anglers are gearing up to attend the California Fish and Game Commission meeting on August 7 at the Natural Resources Building in Sacramento regarding an agenda item on modifying regulations for non-native species such as striped and largemouth bass. Triple-digit temperatures have hit the Delta, and this is a good omen for the upcoming frog tournaments. The triple-digit temperatures have contributed to algae blooms breaking

The first of the frog tournaments, the Ultimate Frog Challenge, took place over the weekend, and the hot temperatures made for uncomfortable conditions. The day one leaders were the team of Mullins/Nutler with a weight of 15.64 pounds with a kicker at 7.24 pounds. However, coming out of 7th place at the start of day two, the team of Juan Acosta/Mark Gomez posted a two-day limit over 26 pounds to take first place. Jeff Huth served as the emcee on the second day, and he said, “The bite was pretty rough, but we weighed in a number of 3-fish limits on Sunday. The rumor was that the fish were biting short which is not uncommon in a frog tournament. The weed spraying kept a few anglers away as the areas that they normally fish are devoid of grass. Strike King won the Manufacturer’s Cup out of the 7 manufacturers entered with professional anglers Billy Hines and Cody Meyers representing the company, and although Snag Proof did not enter the competition, the team of Acosta/Gomez used Snag Proof frogs. The Manufacturer’s Cup creates an exciting aspect to the event. Jordan Wong took first in the Junior Division with his partner, Tim Meeks, and we had a good turnout despite the heat.”

Dan Mathisen of Dan Mathisen Outdoors participated in the event, and he said, “The lack of weeds in the south Delta contributed to a slower bite as the water is muddy from Fishermen’s Cut back to Holland Tract. There was so much boat traffic from heavy cruisers and recreational boaters over the weekend that the constant wakes muddied up the river, and the sparse weed growth due to heavy pelleting and spraying is unable to filter out the sediment. The frog bite was tough for me on Saturday, and although we land over 20 bass on frogs on Sunday, we couldn’t find any size. I have been working the Boom-Boom frog. The key is finding clear water, and we have also seen more and more small striped bass busting shad on the surface.”

There are algae blooms breaking out in downtown Stockton, Discovery Bay, and the Big Break Area, and the Department of Boating and Waterways advised limiting contact with the water, especially for pets. Anglers are requested to report any sightings of algae blooms through the HAB hotline at 1-844-729-6466 or through the following link https://mywaterquality.ca.gov/habs/do/bloomreport.html)

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