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November 19, 2019    Headlines

Summer Blues

Delta Report
By Dave Hurley

Salmon continue to trickle through the north Delta, and there was a run of American River fish that arrived last week. Johnny Tran of New Romeo’s Bait and Tackle in Freeport said Monday 11-18, “Most fishermen are targeting striped bass, but there are still a few diehards out there targeting salmon with Brad’s Cut Plugs behind an 11-inch E-Chip dodger along with spinners. Shore fishermen continue to throw Flying C’s. The pressure has been low for salmon, but stripers are taken on live minnows or mudsuckers around Liberty Island, the Sacramento Deep Water Channel, or around the Rio Vista Bridge. Bluegill and red ear perch are located along the Delta Loop with red worms or jumbo red worms.”

Alan Fong of the Fishermen’s Warehouse in Sacramento was working around Liberty Island this week, and he reported good crappie action with the Strike King 1-inch grub with a pointed tail on a 1/32nd-ounce jig head. He said, “The slabs are holding around the submerged trees at 15- to 17- feet. The largemouth bass bite has also been solid, but we have been struggling for striped bass on topwater and glide baits.”

Vince Borges of Vince Borges Outdoors has been out chasing stripers north of Rio Vista this week, and he caught and released a 30-pound plus female striped bass on the lighter 5-inchYozuri Pencil. He said, “The water still needs to drop around 5 degrees for the bite to become consistent, but we have been finding some quality largemouth bass in the north Delta as they are mixed in with the stripers feeding on bait in shallow water. The topwater bite has been solid for the largemouths. I tried the heavy wooden baits, but they wanted the lighter lure that made noise. ”

Tony Lopez of Benicia Bait in Martinez reported sturgeon fishing has been solid in the normal locations of the Mothball Fleet, the Big Cut, and the Middle Grounds, but getting out of the grass has been the key. Those sitting on the anchor are having to wait until the tide slows down in order to find locations without getting grassed out. Big striped bass continue to be taken near the Firing Line and the Middle Grounds with large baits such as live splittails, and the majority of these big live-bait eating stripers are kept. The splittail have been scarce,”

The striped bass continue to be holding on the western edge of the San Joaquin system, and Alan Fong of the Fishermen’s Warehouse in Sacramento reported a spoon bite by the Antioch Bridge for schoolie stripers to 8 pounds.

The Rat-L-Trap Open took place out of Russo’s Marina on Saturday with 64 participants, and calm conditions contributed to a very tough reaction bite.

Randy Pringle, the Fishing Instructor, was the tournament director, and he said, “We had 32 boats with 64 participants, but when the winning five-fish limit is only 12.12-pounds, you know it is a tough reaction bite. We gave out a Phenix rod worth $220.00 for the first fish sent in by photo in the morning, and we received over 20 emails with a good early bite. You had to fish deep at 5 to 8 feet and the MR-6 was the top bait as teams were picking out 2 pounders out of the grass. With the clear water conditions with visibility to 8 feet, the bass want to hold below the line where the sun penetrates into the water. Most bass were taken along drop-off ledges or outside of the grass line by flipping into heavy cover. We thought we would have some wind for this event, but the wind didn’t show up, and we need wind and weather to stir things up. Right now the best action will be with plastics or jigs on a much slower presentation. The striped bass side pool was won with a 30.5-inch lineside that was very close to the 31-inch target length. The tournament was scheduled in November to attract striped bass fishermen.”

In the Stockton area, H and R Bait in Stockton reported continued high interest in local fishermen heading to either Whiskey Slough or Eight Mile Road for striped bass or panfish. Fresh shad remains readily available.

Boaters must use caution in the region around Mildred Island and Empire Cut as several hundred feet of a partially exposed pile line has been blocking the entrance to Mildred Island. The pipe is approximately 24 inches in diameter, and it is hard to see. The gas pipe belongs to PG&E, and it is out of service, but at least one boat accident has occurred in this area. The US Coast Guard is working with PG&E to mitigate this hazard, and boaters in the area are advised to use extreme caution.

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