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September 17, 2019    Headlines

Summer Blues

Delta Report
By Dave Hurley

On Sunday 9-15 Alan Fong of the Fishermen’s Warehouse in Sacramento reported went below the Freeport Bridge this week, and he found the action slow overall, but he was able to landed a 12.5-pound salmon on a Blade Runner spoons. He said, “I wanted to go in the evenings as there were at least 30 boats out there. It was good to get out there to learn where all of the new snags are located.”  Mike Gravert of Intimidator Sport Fishing was also out in the region, and he was observed losing a couple of salmon while jigging until their finally brought in their third hook up. He is taking research trips for future guided trips.

Striped bass have moved into the river, and they are found near Liberty Island with live minnows or mudsuckers, and smallmouth bass are moving up in the water column as the water is cooling along the rocky banks in Steamboat and Miner Sloughs along with around Walnut Grove.

Sylvia Vieira of Vieira’s Riverside Bait near Isleton reported two or three salmon were landed per day by the few boats trolling the Old Sacramento from the mouth to the Isleton Bridge with Silvertron spinners.

In Suisun Bay, Tony Lopez of Benicia Bait said, “There were five salmon landed off of the shoreline on Saturday on Vee-Zee or similar heavy spinners, and there were only 9 salmon taken off of the banks before this date. The incoming tide has been the top time. Sturgeon fishermen are starting to show up into the area, and Ron Riesinger of Chico is back on the water for his annual month-long sturgeon and striped bass attempts. There was a report of several sturgeon landed under the Benicia/Martinez Bridge, and striped bass fishing is starting to take off as our sales of bullheads have been very high.”

The six-packs will be back in the water within two weeks, and Captain Steve Mitchell of Hook’d Up Fishing out of Pittsburg and Joey Gamez of Golden State Sport Fishing will be starting their sturgeon adventures in October while Captain Zach Medina of Gatecrasher Fishing Adventures will be beginning his ‘catch and release’ trips out of Martinez.

The 72nd Rio Vista Bass Derby and Festival will take place from October 11-13th with information at www:bassfestival.com.

Randy Pringle, the Fishing Instructor, hosted this past weekend’s annual Bass Fest at Russo’s Marina on Bethel Island, and he said, “We launched 87 teams during Sunday’s tournament along with hosting a solid array of booths for the trade and vendor show on both Saturday and Sunday.  Adrian Murar and Nick Dulleck took first with their three-fish limit taken by punching the weeds with big creature baits.  Mike and Lori Birch took 6th in the event with over 12 pounds, but he landed a big bass over 8 pounds earlier in the week.
Dan Mathisen of Dan Mathisen Outdoors has been running guided trips out of Russo’s Marina, and he said, “We have been tying into striped bass in the 3- to 6-pound range with the occasional lineside to 11 pounds using Optima’s Bad Bubba Shad swimbaits. I netted 18 keepers out of 23 stripers landed on a morning trip this week. The big fish are few and far between, but I expect the action to improve as the bait is balling up. It is a good time to go out right now with the cooler nights and the stripers coming in.” Mathisen is now guiding out of Russo’s Marina for largemouth and striped bass.
The FLW Costa Delta Series event will take place out of Russo’s Marina on Frank’s Tract from September 26-28th.
Caution is advised while boating in the San Joaquin-Delta as a tragic boat accident occurred halfway between Discovery Bay and Stockton on Saturday evening resulting in the death of a 24-year old woman and five other passengers hospitalized.

Randy Pringle, the Fishing Instructor, is looking forward to this weekend’s Bass Fest at Russo’s Marina on Bethel Island, and he said Friday 9-13, “It’s looking good as we have a solid array of booths for the trade and vendor show on both Saturday and Sunday along with the tournament on Sunday. The entry fee is only $100 per team as we are attempting to attract as many new fishermen as possible who have never fished a tournament but would like to. The bite is going to be really good although some fishermen are ‘crying the blues.’ The nights are cooler right now, and there are shad moving into the Delta. The shad is shallow now, and I have been scoring with the Opti Shad on a Zappu underspin jig head as the underspin has flash which is similar to the shad in the 2- to 4-inch range. There are lots of 2-inch shad in the shallows, and the the ima Finesse Popper has been deadly, but you have to keep it still and not move it a lot. We have also been scoring with the Berkeley Bottom Hopper or General with Max Scent along the the Hit Worm in bluegill patterns. Lighter colors are working now due to the amount of shad. Once again, keeping the bait in the strike zone as long as possible is essential.”

Vince Borges of Vince Borges Outdoors and Phenix Rods reported an excellent punch bite with the same techniques of the Reaction Innovation’s Kinky Beaver in Bloody Mary without a skirt because of its thinner profile or the Sprayed Grass with a skirt in bluegill patterns as the skirt bulks out the lure.

Striped bass action remains very good in the Sacramento River, and Dave Houston of Livermore said, “I took out Rob Turner of Sonora on Thursday, and we fished the San Joaquin for no fish, but plenty of grass before moving over to the Sacramento side. The incoming tide was fairly clear,and we did find 18 keepers and five shakers on the West Bank with chartreuse lures working best.”

Clyde Wands, shallow trolling expert, was also out on Thursday in the Collinsville area, and she said, “We had a pretty good day with a number of stripers to 9 pounds. Dave Houston was in the same area, and he had the hot rod with 18 keepers, but we also found them. The grass was too thick in Broad Slough to troll shallow so we found everything deep near Collinsville, and the incoming tide was best as the grass dropped out. We also saw a few salmon roll, and I have heard of improved action in the Old Sacramento River near Vieira’s Resort. I will be fishing the Central Valley Anglers Salmon Derby out of Wimpy’s Resort on the 21st.”

Bill Crooks and Guy Brown of Sacramento were out with Ron Retzlaff in the middle of the weekend, and Crooks said, “We had a great trip as we trolled deep-diving lures for around 5 hours near Collinsville and Broad Slough, and it was a great day for big fish. We landed 20 keepers with only one shaker, and the fish were from 4.5 to 12 pounds, and we threw back a 10 and a 12. A short time on a shallow troll did not produce. It was great to see Mark Wilson back on the water, and he was out there catching more and bigger fish.”

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