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February 18, 2017    Headlines

Winter Sturgeon and Stripers

The Bays:

By Dave Hurley
San Francisco/San Pablo Bays:|
Captain Jim Smith of the Happy Hooker out of Berkeley is running open load trips on both Saturday 2-17 and Sunday with room for sturgeon in San Pablo Bay. He is planning on anchoring back in the flats after motoring slowly through the central bay. He said, “We are getting our ghost shrimp together for the weekend, and there is lots of debris in the water. The Bay ferries have been hitting the debris and bending props.”
The Vallejo Ferry returned to service on Thursday afternoon after bending a prop on Tuesday, and the Ferry Service provided this information,” Recent storms have washed an unprecedented amount of debris into the San Francisco Bay. On 4 occasions, debris has damaged vessel propellers, resulting in delays and service cancelations. And, on numerous occasions, debris has been sucked into waterjet propulsion systems, requiring crews to clear the system before proceeding. We are doing our best to steer around major obstacles while adhering to published schedules. We thank you for your patience and understanding.”
Keith Fraser of Loch Lomond Bait and Tackle has done it again. He is the only bait shop around with live mud shrimp, but his supply is not expected to last long. He said, “There has been tremendous demand for the mud shrimp with customers coming from all over for mud or ghost shrimp, but I don’t expect to get anymore mud shrimp for the next few days due to weather in the Pacific Northwest. Maine is supposed to be a disaster area, and it will be difficult to get pile worms over the weekend. We have ghost shrimp and pile worms in the shop right now. Ross Peterson, formerly of Stockton, went out on Wednesday with both mud and ghost shrimp, and all of his fish came on the mud shrimp. They landed two sturgeon including an oversized along with two legal bass.” There will be boats seeking sturgeon in the bay with the Nor Cal Anglers Sturgeon Derby this weekend.
In the south bay, Mickey Clements of Coyote Bait and Tackle reported good action out of Alviso for sturgeon with ghost shrimp or lamprey eel. He said, “There have been several boats anchored near the railroad bridge, and a number of sturgeon have been landed.”

Coast Guard urges mariners to be cautious of debris in San Francisco Delta Region
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Coast Guard urges mariners in the San Francisco Delta Region to exercise caution as river levels are expected to rise Wednesday evening.
The National Weather Service forecasts rain through the week causing river levels to rise and creating higher tides and more rapid currents than usual.
Boaters should watch for debris in the water as swift currents can quickly turn adrift vessels and gear into hazards.
"It is very important that mariners remain cognizant of the hazards in their areas," said Lt. Marcia Medina, acting chief of Sector San Francisco Waterways Management Division. "Mariners should stay informed and aware of weather conditions and monitor the progress and strength of currents through their local television, radio and internet."
Owners of boats and small crafts, including canoes, kayaks and paddleboards, are encouraged to secure their vessels properly and ensure they are marked with contact information in the event they break free.
Boaters who observe marine debris, please contact the Coast Guard on VHF-FM channel 16 or at 415-399-3520.
For further boating safety information, please visit

Reminder :Sturgeon may not be taken in the following described area between January 1 and March 15: That portion of San Francisco Bay included within the following boundaries: A direct line between Pt. Chauncy (National Marine Fisheries Laboratory) and Pt. Richmond, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and a direct line between Pt. Lobos and Pt. Bonita.

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Party Boat Information and Reservations Around the Bay

The Happy Hooker will be running potluck trips from the Berkeley Marina +1.510.223.5388

California Dawn will be running halibut and striper trips from the Berkeley Marina +1.510.417.5557

Emeryville Sportfishing Center is booking potluck trips on their fleet of 8 boats +1.510.654.604

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