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July 19, 2014    Headlines

Salmon Slows
Rockfish Munching

 The salmon bite has been slow up since Monday but Gary on the Sea Weasel was able to put in 8 salmon for 6 anglers on Thursday 7-17 south of the harbor. They also released a number of shaker kings and silvers in the mix. The water is very clear, but the water temperature is still in acceptable range. Gary says the best looking sign in south of the harbor 6 to 8 miles but the bait has been scattered since last weekend.

The seas have laid out and the fishing is once again like shooting fish in a barrel. On Saturday 7-12 morning Gary Blassi with Full Throttle sportfishing called in with limits of big fish at 10:30. he was trolling 4 to 5 miles south of the harbor in 150 feet with fish biting best in the lower 2/3 of the water column. The picture just below shows what a great grade of fish they are seeing. Matt on the Fishy Business (North Wind Charters) was pulling into the dock at 3:30. After scoring limits of salmon in the morning they chased rockfish and he said it was a bit tough for half limits. He was salmon fishing in 125 feet of water roughly 4 miles south of town with fish to 20 pounds.
Tony on the Shellback put in a long and productive day. After loading up with limits of salmon he ran south to the Cape  where they filled the box with limits of BIG vermilions, coppers and blacks adding limits of lings.
The great thing about Eureka is not only the first class operators but one doesn't have to wait around for hours for an undependable tractor launch which we hear has been the case in Shelter Cove this season. Private boaters are reporting that launch times (either in or out) has been up to 5 hours.

On Friday it was more of the same with all boats seeing limits of salmon fishing in 140 to 200 feet 4 to 7 miles south. Matt reported six fish with two in the high 20 class pictured right. Our sponsors have very limited space open in July but there is still a lot of availability in August. This is the hot bite (again) on the entire coast and we suggest readers plan well in advance.

It's that time of year that this writer takes off to our vacation home on the Kenai peninsula. We will be gone July 13th to the 26th. This is the peak of the sockeye run and we will be putting in lots of river time chasing "reds" and of course chasing halibut, rockfish and monster lings with trips scheduled with long time USAFishing sponsor Captain Steve Smith.
I will bring along my laptop and update reports when we are seeing major changes or "hot bites" but reports here will be sporadic at best.
Full reports will resume on July 26th. In the time being please contact our sponsors or visit their websites for current reports, information and bookings.
Until then... good fishing!
Mike Aughney

The winds came up on Thursday 7-10 and scores were mixed. Gary on the Sea Weasel pushed his way out through the 20 knots of south wind and slop. After 45 minutes of slop and roll and 5 fish hooked and one landed and half his clients sick he headed in. Gary said Tony on the Shellback stuck it out until noon for 9 salmon and likely three times that many lost. The good news os the weather looks to lay down on Friday and the action looks to be great.
On Wednesday 7-9 Matt on the Fishy Business reported limits for 6 anglers trolling 5 miles south of the harbor in 210 feet of water.

The salmon bite remains solid south of Eureka. On Tuesday 7-8 Matt on the Fishy Business reported solid action. Trolling in 190 feet 6 to 7 miles south of the harbor Matt reported 6 limits to the mid 20 class. He said the weather was much better than forecasted and they had easy limits of all quality fish. There are still plenty of silvers and shakers to wade through but it just makes for an action packed day for clients.

 On Monday 7-7 all three of our sponsors reported limits of salmon. Today's hotspot was 7 miles south of town in 200 to 220 feet of water. Gary on the Sea Weasel reported four limits to 20 pounds and I quote "they were biting like piranhas and we were done by 8:30". He was scheduled to fish a combo for halibut but the conditions were a bit too bumpy and windy to make the try. Tony on the Shellback put their final fish in the box at 11:AM. He reports the best action was in 200 feet with most hooked at 120 feet on the wire. Matt on the Fishy Business reported limits to 28 pounds fishing the same area. They couldn't beat the silvers or shakers off with a stick, releasing 12 big silvers running 8 to 12 pounds and over 20 shaker kings. He is not complaining because he knows that those 18"ers are going to be 8 or 10 pounds by next spring.
Our sponsors have some limited availability in July but they have lots of open dates in August which is the time that Eureka sees some of it's largest fish of the season. Links to the top Eureka six packs are posted at the top of the page.

On Sunday 7-6 Matt  on the Fishy Business checked in at noon to report 7 limits of salmon all commercial grade with the biggest being 28 pounds. All boats have been reporting fish in the 20 pound class almost daily. Matt says the fish are spread over a wide area from 180 out to 300 feet 5 to 8 plus miles from port.
Gary on the Sea Weasel checked in mid afternoon. He reported 7 early limits by 9AM with fish to 18 pounds. Gary said the fish were a bit higher in the water column and they caught some as high as 60 feet, most from 120 to 180. They waded through lots of shakers and a few silvers trolling 8 miles south of town in 250 feet of water. Gary passed along a report to say Phil was running the Shellback yesterday and he had limits mooching in the same area.

How to ID a Silver 101

There are some silvers in local catches and I encourage anglers to learn to quickly ID and release them.  This also means that local game wardens will be around the launches checking everyone's catch.
The best way to avoid one of these $750 prizes is to properly ID your catch. Silvers are more green in color and tend to flip and jump (compared to a king) when hooked. They have round spots on their back (kings are more of a silver /purple hue with rectangular spots) and silvers also have a white band at the base of the teeth along their gum line. (pictured left from Washington state DFG site) Of course if you get to the point that you are practicing dentistry on your catch there is little chance the fish will survive. Trolling larger offering at depths greater than 50 feet will also decrease your chances of the game warden giving you a dock side fish identification class complete with your own "diploma". Over the past several years there has been days in June, July and August when 50 plus "diplomas" have been handed out in a single day. Frankly I feel that is a failing grade for Cal DFG.

Northern California MPAs
A suite of new or modified marine protected areas (MPAs) are in effect along the  California’s north coast.
A complete list of all north coast MPAs, including detailed regulations and maps, can be found at
DFG’s MPA mobile website, located at, will be updated to include the  MPAs. The mobile website allows the public to use any web-enabled device to locate MPA boundaries and regulations by using an interactive map or searching by name, county or general area. A mobile device’s GPS can also be used to find a person’s current location relative to any MPA. In addition to the mobile website, boaters can view MPAs on nautical charts or other background maps by visiting MarineBIOS at, DFG’s interactive online marine and coastal map viewer.

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