August 31, 2017    Headlines

Halibut, Rockfish and Lings

The Pacific halibut season reopens on Friday September 1st and will remain open until the sport quota if filled. There is currently about 6000 pounds of quota left out of a total of 34500 pounds. Gary Blassi with Full Throttle will be targeting Pacific butts offshore this week and if the winds come up there is the nearly sure bet of California halibut inside Humboldt bay. On Wednesday 8-30 Gary fished the bay with his five man charter taking limits of both California halibut to 15 pounds and limits or 15 black rockfish. There is still an incredible amount of bait holding in the bay and this is keeping these big numbers of halibut on tap.
Offshore private boaters are seeing 15 to 30 plus fish tuna scores working from 25 to 45 miles out. Gary says the weather was good at the start of the week and boats working off Cape Mendo saw some of the better counts. Gary is considering a couple of tuna runs in the coming week as this is the best bite in the past four years.  

The Pacific halibut season has closed but the good news is that there is still quota left for the season to reopen on September 1st. On Thursday 8-17 Gary Blasi reported wide open action on California halibut inside up Humboldt bay. Gary had 12 halibut or 4 limits to the high teens working inside the bay. Along the coast the winds have been up the past few days keeping boats like Gary and Matt on the Fishy Business concentrating on halibut. When the winds are down the rockfish and ling action has been solid at the Cape. The Pacific halibut action has been solid all summer and with the season reopening in two weeks will be the time to go.

On Thursday 8-3 Gary on the Sea Weasel reported 5 limits of pacifics to the mid 40 class. Gary said they found a spot where the fish were both thick and biting. Open spots are very limited during the pacific halibut open dates. The next opener is September 1st.
matt on the Fishy Business has been running some trips for both pacific halibut and rockfish and lings trips down at the Cape. He has been reporting solid numbers of halibut, lings and limits of rockfish on all of his trips.
The waters are warming offshore and private boats are seeing counts of 20 to 50 albacore per boat fishing from Ft Bragg, Eureka and Crescent city.  

2017, Year of White Meat:
With the closure of the salmon season above Horse Mountain local Eureka sixpacks are gearing up for halibut and rockfish. Both halibut and rockfish will open on May 1st. The added bonuses this year is that boats have far fewer depth restrictions on them and they will be able to target lings and rockfish on reefs that have not seen any pressure in ten years. The other bonus is that there has been 5000 pounds added to the pacific halibut quota.
The halibut season will be split u[. It will be open May 1st to June 15th. Then July 11 to 15th, August 1-15. All of our sponsors, Gary, Matt and Tony will be offering combos trips and If you want to fish for pacific halibut you will want to book your dates soon.
The salmon closure will have a hard impact on local six pack's bottom line but the top captains will weather the storm. Guide Gary Blassi says he is seeing good numbers of booking for both rockfish and rockfish / halibut combos. He adds that with the depth restrictions being bounced out will only add to the great ling action they have seen the past few years. There is no restriction on pacific halibut. Gary will be bouncing his own plastic this year with is new line of Fat Boy swim baits. Yes they are already available in some of the local shops.
Matt on the Fishy Business is just finishing up on a repower of his boat. He expects to be operational by mid April and is also booking trips for pacific halibut, rockfish and lings through the summer. Matt has an upbeat approach to the coming season... "yes the problems on the Klamath shut us down for red meat but we are going to have a ball putting our clients into halibut, rockfish and lings all summer".
Tony on the Shellback is in the same boat and he too is offering white meat fishing seven days per week.

Invest in your salmon future, catch more fish and get a tax write off!

If you caught a salmon in 2016, you can thank GGSA.  But for the extra trucking of hatchery fish that GGSA convinced the hatcheries to do in 2014, we almost certainly would not have had an ocean or river fishing season last year.  We know it wasn’t a great season for many, but at least we fished!
Same goes for this coming year, 2017, where again we’ll be relying almost exclusively on the extra hatchery fish trucked because of GGSA to provide an ocean season.  Remember, these fish were born in the middle of one of the worst droughts we’ve seen and it was GGSA that recognized it and acted to keep you fishing.
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Now, YOU have an opportunity to support YOUR salmon fishing future while reducing some of the income tax.  You can make a tax-deductible donation to GGSA to support that group that is fighting for the fishery we all so much enjoy. Compared to what many of you pay to fish salmon, a small donation is the best investment you can make in YOUR own fishing future. 
That’s because GGSA is leading the way to keep salmon in our streams, in the ocean and on the deck of the boat you fish on.
With the recently passed federal water bill GGSA is in the trenches fighting for salmon EVERY day. This bill which will decrease protections for Central Valley salmon and increase water exports in the south Delta could decimate our salmon runs. GGSA is at the table fighting for water to keep our fishery alive. To see what they have accomplished in 2016 please click here
Not a GGSA member?  Consider buying a regular membership for $35 here or go the extra step and buy a Heritage membership or just make a donation.  Either way, it’s a good deal considering you might not have fished last year or in the future without GGSA.

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