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August 18, 2014    Headlines

Salmon Picks Back Up
Rockfish Munching

 The hot action continues for you spoiled rotten Eureka anglers. Over the weekend boats reported limits of salmon working over a wide area. Tony on the Shellback said that the jelly moved in real thick outside the harbor so he moved north about ten miles to nearly Trinidad. They put in limits that ran from 13 to 30 pounds. The salmon were biting right out in front of the jaws on Friday 8-15. Gary Blassi reported 4 limits trolling in 90 feet just a mile "out front". Their fish ran from 12 to 23 pounds and they were in the harbor in time for lunch. We get very few private boater reports from Eureka but we would love to hear from readers on the private side. You can contact us at
Gary Blassi on Saturday reported 6 limits as well. It looks like we could see great action right through the end of the season.

The salmon action remains good with the best action on Tuesday 8-12 found just four miles south of the harbor. Gary on the Sea Weasel said it was slow in the morning but they located the "spot" around 11. In the next hour they threw in quick limits for 5 angler to 25 pounds. He was trolling in 100 feet with their best action reported in the bottom half of the water column. It's been another incredible year for Eureka anglers and anglers have just under a month before the season closes so get out soon.

Tony on the Shellback reported a salmon per rod for six anglers on Sunday 8-10. He was trolling below the Eel river mouth closure and False Cape. After spending some of the morning chasing red meat they broke away for some white adding limits of rockfish and 4 lings. Matt on the Fishy Business reported limits of salmon fishing the same area. Matt said it was a steady scratch of working gear close to the bottom in 100 feet of water. Boats have some spots opening up during this final month of the salmon season.

Attention: Halibut closure public comment needed

By Tom Marking and Frank Galusha
07/30/14 -- Pacific Halibut fishing will be closed for the entire month of August off the North Coast. This action was taken by the PFMC last fall to reduce the harvest in CA waters. It is likely, that at the PFMC September meeting in Spokane, WA next month, further closures may be introduced.
As marine anglers, we believe this is unwarranted and unfair. The 2013 halibut survey done by the IPHC demonstrated that CA has 100,000 lbs. of halibut biomass that can be harvested. Unfortunately for us, all but 6,000 lbs. is reserved for WA and OR, who refuse to shift allocation to CA. This is strictly a political decision, with the best available science being ignored.
Your prompt attention is needed to send letters to the PFMC by August 15 11:59 p.m. on this issue. Clearly state your objection to any further closures in CA for the 2015 year and request consideration of an increased allocation for CA. We are being treated unfairly. You should also stress that we can only harvest 1% of the non-tribal allocation, even though we contribute 14% of the available biomass. This in unacceptable and is punitive to CA ports, anglers and charter businesses. We are suffering a serious economic loss due to this action. This allocation is unprecedented considering the science available. We should be getting more allocation and time, not a loss of opportunity and economic loss.

Send your comments to the:
And send a copy to the CDFW:

Northern California MPAs
A suite of new or modified marine protected areas (MPAs) are in effect along the  California’s north coast.
A complete list of all north coast MPAs, including detailed regulations and maps, can be found at
DFG’s MPA mobile website, located at, will be updated to include the  MPAs. The mobile website allows the public to use any web-enabled device to locate MPA boundaries and regulations by using an interactive map or searching by name, county or general area. A mobile device’s GPS can also be used to find a person’s current location relative to any MPA. In addition to the mobile website, boaters can view MPAs on nautical charts or other background maps by visiting MarineBIOS at, DFG’s interactive online marine and coastal map viewer.

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