May 27, 2016    Headlines

Salmon LIMITS!!!
Halibut Munching
 Rockfish and Lings All Biting

Easy Salmon Limits
Boats have been forced to cancel trips the past two days due to a combination of high winds and the shoaled in bar / entrance jetty. Once the winds back off we expect more great salmon action that we have seen over the past week and a half. The salmon season runs through the end of the month and the pacific halibut season reopens on June 1st.

Our trio of sponsors in Eureka were all back in port with early limits of salmon on Wednesday 5-5. Tony on the Shellback, Matt of the Fishy Business and Gary on the Sea Weasel all reported 6 -7 limits of salmon. They were all trolling within 5 miles of the harbor in 150 to 170 feet of water. Overall most fish are averaging 10 to 12 pounds with a few pushing into the high teens and low 20s. The weather today was good but the forecast calls for hard wind over the next three days. Open dates are limited due to the split seasons of halibut / salmon seasons this year. That said Eureka is currently offering some of the best king action not just in California but the entire west coast.
This report will be updated just as soon as we are back from Alaska on June 5th.

It's that time of year that this writer takes off to open our vacation home on the Kenai peninsula. We will be chasing kings & sockeye on the local rivers and will be jumping on board with Captain Steve Smith for halibut and saltwater king action. I will post some highlights on my FaceBook page and on the Hotsheet with Dave Hurley . We will be leaving the laptop at home and will return with full reports here on Sunday June 5th.
In the time being please contact our sponsors or visit their websites for current reports, information and bookings.
Until then... good fishing!
Mike Aughney

Salmon Breaks Wide Open
The salmon bite off Eureka has gone from good to great to wide open on Tuesday 5-22. Matt on the Fishy Business dropped in right on top of the fish this morning. He had a four way and then doubles and triples and was headed home with five limits at 8:40 this morning. He was trolling in 25 fathoms about 4 miles North of the jetty. Gary on the Sea Weasel was about two miles below Matt in 140 feet or about 2.5 miles north of the jaws. Gary reported 6 limits to 18 pounds including a couple of fish for the captain. The weather was great and the best day so far this season. Gary may offer some limited second trips on those days that the weather is calm. The salmon season ends on May 31st with the halibut season opening on June 1st to the 15th. The salmon season reopens on June 16th to the 30th.
The ACE is dredging the channel and Gary says they are already seeing a difference. The center section is being dredged first and passage is still confined on any ebb tide but improving on the flood. Private boaters without the experience and knowledge of the Eureka entrance should not attempt to cross this hazard when the swell is above 6 feet. One wave (especially on an ebb tide) can swamp a boat and can happen much faster than anyone can react. As the dredging continues this hazard will decrease in the weeks ahead.  

The Bite Is On!!!
Eassssssssy limits on salmon are on tap just a couple of miles outside of Eureka. The hot salmon bite continues off Eureka on Monday 5-23. Gary Blasi on the Sea Weasel reported six limits of salmon with a 12 pound average with fish to 18 pounds. Gary said they had a fast start but lost the first seven fish. After regrouping they started to but some fish in the box and had 6 limits to 18 pounds by noon. Matt on the Fishy Business also reported limits of fat kings for five anglers. The action is just two to three miles out front of the harbor in 150 feet of water.

On Sunday 5-22 Matt with North Winds charters and his boat the Fishy Business reported 6 limits for clients and two for the captain's table. Matt says they were just 2.5 miles north of the jaws in 150 feet with the fish biting "everything" at 30 to 80 feet.
Gary on the Sea Weasel reported four limits and after losing the captain's dinner a dozen times over he called it a day and told the wife to order pizza. Gary said that on Saturday fish were holding close to the bottom but today their best action was at 30 to 70 feet OTW. The fish are all quality averaging 10 to 14 pounds with a few into the high teens and low 20s. Tony on the Shellback also had a banner day with 4 limits of salmon and FOUR limits of quality crabs.

The weather was flat and good numbers of private boats got in on the bite. The ACOE dredge has arrived and they are working to clear all the spoils left in the main channel from last winters storms. Boaters still need to take great caution when returning and departing the main jetty. Even on calm days this bar can break especially on the ebb tide.

After a few days of windy weather conditions laid out just enough for a few boats to shoot the bar and score limits of salmon on Saturday 5-21. Matt Dallam on the Fishy Business reported 5 limits of salmon to 14 pounds with a solid 10 + pound average. Matt reports that the local conditions are great with lots of feed, brown water and BITING SALMON. No boats have been able to really scope out how far or good conditions are due to the recent weather. That said salmon fishing is of to an incredible start for yet another year off Eureka. Matt is running a full plate of trips from Salmon to Pacific halibut and rockfish with spots still open during the peak summer season.

The salmon season opened with marginal weather and incredible action on Monday 5-16. Tony on the Shellback was one of three boats out. Tony was just hoping to get out and catch a couple of fish before the winds filled in and the out going tide closed the bar at the jaws. Dropping in just two miles out in front they set out four rods and got immediate action. They had doubles, a triple and a quad and hooked 16 fish and landed 4 limits in about 90 minutes. They had a solid ten pound average and with fish to 15. Tony said that half their fish were fin clipped and you can thank the GGSA and their efforts to get fish trucked out of the Central Valley hatcheries the past two years for nearly all salmon currently on the coast. The winds are ramping up hard to nearly 40 knots this afternoon and all trips are off through at least Wednesday.
We want to point out the VERY DANGEROUS bar conditions at the Eureka jetty. The bar is shoaled in to less than 20 feet and is breaking on even the smallest of ebb tides. These conditions calls for solid local knowledge and skills that most private anglers do not have. The ACE will start dredging the channel next week but until then we suggest that anglers fish with those qualified individuals who have both the experience and the knowledge to cross the bar when it is safe.

On Sunday 5-15 Gary on the Sea Weasel report EPIC halibut action. Fishing out in 250 feet they landed 5 limits of pacific halibut to 42 pounds in just 35 minutes. Pictured right two fish just landed with a third one on behind.
Last but not least Matt on the Fishy Business was chasing lings and rockfish for the rockfish opener on Sunday 5-15. Matt reported 7 limits of lings on top of seven limits of quality rockfish.
The bottom line is the fish are munching. With the excellent start to the salmon season and solid halibut and rockfish action Eureka looks like the place to be. With the shortened seasons readers need to make reservations ASAP.

he opening dates for salmon are as follows.
May 16 through May 31, June 16 through June 30, July 16 through August 16, and September 1 through September 5.

The Pacific halibut season is open
May 1-15, June 1-15, July 1-15 and August 1-15.

The rockfish season opens on May 15th

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